Blogging, Social media and the Jungle of the Internet

Facebook-Like-ButtonIt’s interesting this blogging business.

Sometimes you find yourself searching for something interesting to say for hours but you simply can’t find anything. Other times you will be doing something completely unrelated and then write a post in your head in 5 minutes; which once you get down on paper (or WordPress), happens to be the best post you have ever written. Being able to say something interesting AND meaningful is difficult. Satire, social commentary and journalism have been done millions of times in thousands of different ways. So where is my place within this world of blogging?

I think that the only way my posts would be interesting and significant would be to be completely honest. Trying to stay true to who I am means that the person someone reads about online is the same as the person in real life. It sounds cliché but it is actually quite difficult in the jungle of the internet.

Fighting for views, likes and shares on a site like this is very easy to do. It is easy to get sucked into a game of ‘who can get the most views?’. Blogging along with all forms of social media now remind me of playgrounds where kids are competing to see who can throw a rock the highest. It is as if we all post only to draw the attention and admiration of the crowds. There is even a ‘formula’ of how to gain the most followers on twitter or how to get the most views on WordPress readily available on the internet.

It is tempting to join the game and begin to only discuss popular or controversial topics to get more attention, attach pictures to shock people into reading your posts or do a giveaway to entice people into visiting your page. But before you know it you are writing to please to casual eye flicking through the Freshly Pressed page rather than touch someone’s heart with your words.

I think I would liken it to the way music or movies these days are orchestrated in such ways that there is a known ‘winning’ formula to make sure that the majority of people who consume this material will enjoy it. The problem with this is more emphasis is put on the backing track or action sequences opposed to the lyrics and script.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for everything. People want to hear about the outrageous clothes celebrities are wearing as well as stories from the Arab Spring. But I think there needs to be a balance.

For me, the thing which drew me to WordPress was the idea of connecting with a complete stranger from half way across the globe on an intellectual level. The idea of posting something which relates to their life…your life is amazing. Being able to be the one to initiate that spark inside someone which gets them thinking about their life and how they fit into the universe is a privilege and a responsibility. To try keep this relationship pure, I have anonymised myself and all the contributors on this page. This helps preserve the essence of the blog as no matter how popular this page gets, I will never get any public recognition for it.  I hope to keep my words on here pure so that I can continue to be a meaningful voice in this world.

A member of the Light in a Glass team said something quite interesting:

“They say that there is nothing more powerful than a word…why? It cannot be taken back after it is spoken. It can start and end wars…just one word can change people’s lives forever. It is curious that only Man amongst the animals on Earth has been given this gift. Appreciate that…Never abuse that gift.”


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